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Cambodia - April 2009

What? - No - Wat, as in Angkor Wat, the famous temple that everyone tries to figure out why it was built and why it is so big.  Truth be told, your humble webmaster has always wanted to go here - so through good friends, she considers this travel box checked! 

You will notice the spiffy sashes Heather and Gary are wearing.  It is a little known fact that the most sacred animal to the ancient Cambodians that built Angkor Wat was the Fainting Goat.  These sashes were used to catch them for ceremonial purposes, such as determining where to place the fish ponds depending on where the goat fell, etc. Let's just say, there are a lot of fish ponds at this temple. 
Hong Kong, China - April 2009

This picture was an unexpected treat as we have Larry and Lynn Grell with their lovely daughter, Heather.  We are sure that these t-shirts have never looked better on anyone! 

As with many Buddha temples in Hong Kong, people go for many reasons - to ask for guidance, for blessings, for more money, or in this case, for a fainting goat.  Never fear, Grells, a goat shall be yours!! 

We thank Torie and Heather for taking us with them to the Haw Par Village in Singapore -

During the 11th century, this small but strategically-placed island earned the name - "Singa Pura" ("Lion City").  According to legend, a visiting Sri Vijayan prince saw an animal he mistook for a lion and Singapore's modern day name was born. 

The animal he actually saw was a very large fainting goat - and Heather and Torie headed out to set the record straight. 
Torie getting down with the goats
Torie actually made one of goats faint when she visited SFF - here we see her teaching the ways of the fainting goat - "Grasshopper, you must faint, at least twice, before you can stand."
"I'll show you down", says Heather.  "This goat is officially down".
So much happiness in this pic, we love it!!!
Korea DMZ -  November 2009

We can count on Kate to come through with the toughest pictures - here she is, in the cold, at the Korean Demilitarized Zone.  The DMZ, between South Korea and North Korea is home to some 2 million soldiers, and is the world's most heavily fortified border.  And look, her SFF tee-shirt matches the color of the little guard houses - it is as if she were meant to bring some sunshine to the DMZ on that drab day!
     May 2009
November 2009
We love this picture of Andy, Kate, Tori and Wayne in Singapore as, except for the exotic location, it is the exact setup of their "honeymoon" photo at Syncope Falls Farm in October 2008!